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When I accept an invitation, it is removing the entry for that person from the team roster. Why is this happening?
Most likely, you are accepting the invitation with your own existing Team Cowboy account instead of using a separate one for the person invited. If the invitation is not directed to you (i.e., it's to someone else such as a child or friend), the general rule is that a separate account should be created for that team member. In other words, if you need the invited person to remain separate on the roster, you will need to accept the invitation with an account other than your own.

For example, if you are a parent on a team roster and your daughter gets invited using your same email address, you will receive the team invitation in your email inbox. When you click on the invitation link to accept the team invitation, you should not use your own account to accept the invitation, otherwise Team Cowboy assumes it is for the same person -- and since you're already on the roster, it removes the other entry for your daughter. Instead, it's best to create a new account for your daughter (or use an existing one if she has one).

Later, you can also link the two accounts if needed so that you can manage the other account from within your main account. 

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