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How do I link another Team Cowboy account to my account?
You can do this with Linked Accounts. Linked Accounts are useful when you want to be able to keep two or more accounts separate from your own, but still want to be able to manage profile information for the other accounts. Additionally, you can RSVP for the other accounts that are linked to yours if you are on the same team as the linked account. For example, if you are a parent and are linked to an account that has been setup for your child, you would be able to edit the profile information for your child and would also be able to RSVP for that child (assuming that both you and your child are on the roster of the team).

To setup a Linked Account:
  1. Go to the Edit Profile page
  2. Click on the Linked Accounts tab
  3. Enter the username and password of the account that you want to link to your own account
  4. Click Save Changes

If you are a team administrator, you can also easily setup Linked Accounts for the team members.

To setup Linked Accounts for your team members:
  1. Go to the Roster page (for a team where you are a team administrator)
  2. Click Manage linked team members
  3. Select a team member from the list on the left that you want to link "to" (for example, a parent)
  4. Select one or more team members from the list on the right that you want to link "from" (for example, one or more children that the parent needs to RSVP for)
  5. Click Setup New Linked Accounts

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