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How do I control which albums show up on the Photos, Videos, & Files page?
The Photos, Videos, & Files page shows albums from up to four sources:
  1. Team albums that belong to the team that is currently selected
  2. Personal albums that you have added
  3. Team albums for other teams that you are a member of
  4. Personal albums that were added by team members on the currently-selected team or any of your other teams
Because of the complexity of the list above, there are different options which control the display of albums on this page.

On the Edit Profile page (Options tab), there are options that allow you to hide items #3 and #4 listed above.

If you are a team administrator, there is an option on the Team Settings page (Options tab) which forces items #3 and #4 to be hidden, regardless of individual team member settings. Since this overrides team member preferences, please use it with care (i.e., team members will not be able to see other team albums or other personal albums while they are viewing the Photos, Videos, & Files page if your team is selected).

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