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How do I change the default duration/length for my team's events?
By default, if an end date and time are not entered for an event, Team Cowboy will use a default event duration of 2 hours to determine the event's end date and time. This is particularly important for the iCalendar feeds which require an end date and time to be present in the feed's calendar information. End date/times on events also affect how events show up in the Multiweek and Monthly views of the team event schedule (i.e., if an event extends into the next day, it will show on that next day as well).

The default event duration is 2 hours, but it can be changed from the Team Settings page if you are a team administrator.

To change the default event duration:
  1. Go to the Team Settings page
  2. Go to the Options tab
  3. Expand the Event Schedule Access & Event Options section
  4. In the Event Options subsection, enter a new value for the number of minutes for the event length.
Currently, the default event duration can only be changed as a whole for the team and cannot be customized for different event types, though we may provide this functionality in the future.

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