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How do I add the Team Cowboy mobile-optimized web site to my iPhone or iPad home screen?
The Team Cowboy mobile-optimized web site ( can be accessed on any smartphone or tablet, but did you know that if you use an iPhone or iPad, you can add an icon to your home screen for one-tap access to it? You can!

Here's how to add the Team Cowboy mobile web site to your iPhone or iPad home screen:
  1. Load up Safari on your iPhone/iPad and go to
  2. Click the arrow button at the bottom of the browser window
  3. Click the Add to Home Screen button
  4. Click the Add button
Safari will exit and you will see the Team Cowboy icon on your home screen. To load up Team Cowboy Mobile at any time, just tap on the icon and you'll be good to go.

TIP:  When you sign in to Team Cowboy mobile for the first time, be sure to check the "Sign in automatically next time" checkbox -- that way, when you load it up next time, you won't be prompted to sign in again (unless you clear your browser cookies).

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