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Can I hide the display of sex/gender for my team site?
Yes you can! There is a team setting which allows you to hide the display of gender for your team web site. This affects both the main Team Cowboy web site as well as the mobile web site. This means that genders will not show up on your roster page, event attendance lists, or anywhere else that genders would normally show up. There are a few minor exceptions, however. For example, if you are team administrator, you can still set genders for your team members from the Roster page -- however as explained above, they will not show up.

Here's how to hide genders for your team web site:
  • Sign in to your Team Cowboy account and switch to a team where you're a team administrator
  • Go to the Team Settings page
  • Click the Options tab
  • Expand the Miscellaneous section, then scroll down to the Gender Options subsection
  • Select the check box, Hide genders for your team web site
  • Click Save Changes 

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