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Team Cowboy offers a REST API (Application Programming Interface) that allows developers to create mobile, desktop, and other software applications that interact with the Team Cowboy platform. These applications can then leverage Team Cowboy's extensive functionality for managing and accessing social sports teams and groups.

The API is available for personal/non-commercial use as well as commercial use while in the BETA phase. This is subject to change at any time, so development of commercial products against this API should be done at your own risk and a fee may apply in the future to use the Team Cowboy API for a commercial application (i.e., an application that has a purchase cost or collects revenue as part of its normal operation).

If you have any questions along the way please contact us.

API Accounts

In order to access and make calls against the Team Cowboy API, you must have a valid API Account for your application. Once an API Account is created in our system, you will receive a public/private API key pair. You should use a separate API Account for each application or purpose for accessing the Team Cowboy API. For example, if you create a smartphone application for Team Cowboy on three different platforms, you should have three separate API Accounts.

Click here to request an API Account (NOTE: You must be signed into an active Team Cowboy account to request an API account)


Documentation for the current version of the Team Cowboy API (Version 1) is posted online and is updated as needed.

Please remember that the Team Cowboy API is currently in BETA. We generally notify all active API Accounts when updates are made to the API and associated documentation. However, since the API is in BETA, the documentation is subject to change at any time and without notice. Once the API is out of BETA, changes will be far less frequent and should not affect any existing applications that are making calls against the API.

View the Team Cowboy REST API Documentation

API Test Client

We have also developed an API Test Client tool which can be used to make live requests against the API. A valid API Account and API keys are required to use this tool. This is a great way to verify that you have a working API Account and API keys and also to see the responses that are returned for various method calls against the API.

Go to the API Test Client Tool